Our Mission

Mission & Vision

With a core mission to improve public services and a vision of transforming government through performance, OMB is the Virgin Island’s source of credible, unbiased financial information and management assistance for departments and agencies. We strive to provide greater detail to the public on the annual budget process, information about federal grants, and continuous improvements in agency performance.


The Office of Management and Budget provides ongoing, transparent fiscal analysis, management support, and analytical research to the public, the Governor, the Legislature and departments and agencies.


Our Performance Goals are to 1) increase the timeliness and quality of key financial reports; 2) reduce overall grant and recurring audit findings; and 3) enhance financial management practices.


Revenue Estimating Conference

REVENUE ESTIMATING CONFERENCE OCTOBER 19, 2016 The Revenue Estimating Conference Act No. 7521 requires that a Revenue Estimating Conference be held twice a year (March and September) to “establish a forecast of anticipated territorial revenues.” The September conference established the official forecast  for the fiscal year thirteen months in the future (i.e. FY 2018). The

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FY 2016 Site Visits

  June 2016 St. Croix St. Thomas Bureau of Corrections Bureau of Information Technology Fire Service Department of Health Juan F. Luis Hospital Fire Service Department of Labor (2) Office of the Adjutant General Bureau of Motor Vehicles VIWMA VI Waste Management Authority   Board of Election   Juan F. Luis Hospital   Department of

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Audit field work for FY 2015 Single Audit is being conducted on various agencies for programs that have been selected for audit. Based on a June 20, 2016 progress report received from the auditing company, BDO, progress is being made.

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The FY 2016 Indirect Cost (“IDC”) Rate has been forwarded to the Department of Interior’s (“DOI”), Interior Business Center (“IBC”) for their review and approval. At this time, DOI has assigned an initial screener –the first step in this process– who makes sure that all documents are in place. Based on the review of the

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Single Audit

Based on a meeting held with BDO, an independent auditor, and the Department of Finance (“DOF”), the FY 2015 Single Audit of the Government of the Virgin Islands (“GVI”) will commence mid-April 2016. Tentatively, nine (9) Programs have been targeted for Audit. Due to preliminary work to be conducted before the final Schedule of Expenditures

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Funding Opportunities

A number of funding opportunities are available at the U.S. Department of the Interior – Office of Insular Affairs (DOI-OIA) for FY 2016. These are: Technical Assistance Program (TAP) grants provides funding for short-term projects intended to meet the immediate needs of the insular areas. For Fiscal Year 2016, DOI-OIA’s priority relative to TAP grants

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Annual Budget Preparation

OMB is currently in the Budget Formulation phase for the annual executive budget. Departments and agencies should expect to receive their “Budget Calls” in the first week of February 2016!

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Welcome to the Office of Management and Budget!

Welcome to the Office of Management and Budget, we are here to serve!

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